Shipping and returns

Shipping ships in Switzerland only with the Swiss Post service. If you live outside of Switzerland, please consult our sister marketplace

  1. Delivery to Buyers

    The items bought from Private Sellers will be delivered to the Buyer by Fashion Federation, after receipt from the Seller and control. This process may take between 10 and 30 days.

    The items bought from Pro Sellers will be delivered by the Sellers directly to the Buyers. This process may take between 5 to 15 days.

  2. Shipping for Private Sellers

    If you are a Private Seller, you will send your sold items to Fashion Federation at the address we’ll provide in your notification, with the courier of your choice and at your own cost. We recommend that you use Swiss Post Registered Service and keep the receipt. After control, Fashion Federation will re-pack your item in personalized boxes and ship it to the buyer with the Swiss Post.

  3. Shipping for Pro Sellers

    If you are a Pro Seller (store, boutique or designer), upon notification you will ship your sold item directly to the buyer, at the address provided to you by Fashion Federation and at your own cost. Fashion Federation will provide you with personalized packing material. We recommend the Swiss Post Registered Service; however, you are free to use the courier of your choice, and keep the receipt.

  1. Returns for items bought from Private Sellers

    Items bought from Private Sellers (pre-owned items) cannot be returned. However, if you are unhappy with your item, you can resell it through Fashion Federation by clicking the Resell button next to the respective item in your order history and creating a Seller account. Fashion Federation will not charge commission on this transaction, only handling fees of 10 chf per item. When the items is sold again, we’ll notify you so you can send us the item, at your own cost. You have 5 days from the receipt of your item to qualify for Resale, otherwise your sale will be considered a normal one and commission will apply.

  2. Returns for items bought from Pro Sellers

    Only New products sold by Pro Sellers (stores, boutiques, designers) can be returned.

    If you are sure you want to return an item, click the Return button next to the respective item in your order history. The item must have all the labels on, and not show any signs of wear or be damaged in any other way.

    You will receive an email with the return address, and the return is at your own expense. You must return the item within 7 days from its reception, and the seller must receive it and notify us within 7 days from your return notification.

    When the Seller notifies us of the receipt and acceptance of your return, you will be refunded the amount paid for that respective item.

    For any question please write to us at :

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